Top 8 Summer Fun Mistakes That’ll Ruin Your Silk Press

When it comes to achieving a flawless silk press, Design Essentials has always been on top of giving you the latest tips and tricks!  Within this year, we’ve provided you with professional tips to achieve a salon quality silk press at homeas well as maintenance tips on how to make your silk press last.  

Now with the summer humidity quickly approaching, we’re laying out the top 8 summer fun mistakes to avoid – so you don’t ruin your silk press. 

Mistake #1:  Attending An Outdoor Festival

Summer festivals are breeding grounds for humidity, sweat, and occasional water throwing.

There’s no way around it…You’ll most likely be trading in your silk press for puffy roots and reverted ends.

But hey, don’t let that stop you from getting your Lollapalooza or Jazz Fest on this summer.

Mistake #2:  Going To The Beach 

Beach waves are extremely unpredictable, so if you have any intentions of getting anything more than your feet wet, be prepared to throw the whole silk press away!

Be safe – snap a few selfies for the Gram’ then post up on a lounge chair adorning your favorite headwrap (with your silked strands secured underneath).

Mistake #3:  Working Out Outdoors

Repeat after us…

My silk press WILL SWEAT OUT if I attempt to work out in the summer heat.

But If you must, do so before sunrise or sunset to avoid high peak temps.  Also, protect your hair against sweat moisture by pulling it away from your face and body with a fitness headband.

Last, opt for low-intensity workouts like yoga in the park or a brisk walk. These activities are aerobic enough to successfully burn calories while keeping your silk press in tact.



Mistake #4:  Laying In The Grass

You’re probably thinking who does this? But lounging in the grass is actually a thing (just look at Sis living her best life in the photo).

It always starts off innocent – you’re relaxing upright in the grass basking in the sun, and before you know it, you’re vibin’ out to iTunes with your bouncy silk press now victim to dirt, insects, and grass seed.  Don’t get caught slipping! If you plan to lounge in a grassy area bring a blanket or use something to prop your head off the ground to save the life of your silk press.

Mistake #5:  Getting Caught In The Rain

We all know summer rain (or any rain for that matter) and silked out hair doesn’t mix!

Which is why you have to stay two steps ahead of the weather forecast.  Download a weather app so you’re always prepared to protect your hair with an umbrella or hairbrella.

Also, be aware that even after rain drops stop, humidity still lingers. So if at all possible, stay put inside.

Mistake #6:  Exploring Nature 

Whether it be hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, biking, etc…It’s just not a good idea if you love a silk press.

These activities are very similar to working out outdoors (see Mistake #3), causing your scalp to perspire.  And a sweaty scalp = a sweaty silk press.

But if you still plan to get out and explore all that nature has to offer, the best way to protect your strands from the heat is by keeping it wrapped underneath a silk or satin scarf.  Then covering it with a not-to-snug baseball cap.

Mistake #7:  Sleeping Without Air Conditioning

If you feel the slightest bit hot or sweaty before going to bed – turn on the air conditioner!

Not doing so runs the risk of having night sweats.  And if you’ve ever had a night sweat, you’re well aware that it will have your silk press looking like someone threw a bucket of water on your head.

If you can’t turn on the air, for the sake of maintaining your silk press, please turn on a fan!

8. Lounging By The Pool Or Hot Tub 

Don’t even risk it!

All it takes is ONE splash…

Just ONE…

And you’ve gone from silk press to wash and go in a matter of seconds.

As tempting as hanging out by the pool seems, leave the water fun for curly hair days or right before wash day.

While this list may have left you discouraged from having a little summer fun, know that when in doubt always wrap your silk press with a head covering for protection.  Last word of advice, it might be best to live your best summer life with a protective style.

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