Real Talk Series: “I Saw Something Boring When I Looked In The Mirror”

In this addition of Design Essentials Real Talk Series, we chat with Hairstylist/Salon Owner, Nina Christmas, as she takes us through a weekend celebration that involved her 35th birthday, grand salon opening, and a color and cut hair transformation that left her feeling herself (despite a few hiccups). 

Design Essentials: Wow! You had a lot going on in one weekend. Was coloring and cutting your hair always a part of the plan?

Nina Christmas: It was a combination of it being my birthday (a mid-life crises) and Instagram. I was online scrolling and I saw this really pretty blonde hair. It gave me inspiration to color my hair. 

Nina’s signature color and style before the transformation.

I typically do chunks and slices of lighter colors, so I already had some blondes, coppers, and reds throughout my hair, which I wear in a [silk] wrap with bangs. But I didn’t feel youthful. I didn’t feel playful or fun. I saw something boring when I looked in the mirror. 

Design Essentials: You started with a color transformation to remix your look but experienced a slight hiccup. What exactly happened?

Nina Christmas: I used 20 and 40 volume lighteners throughout my hair with foils, but the foils gave off a little more heat than I needed. So, in the bang area there was some over-processing where my hair was already the lightest with the copper pieces. Instead of foiling, I should have done some free-hand painting.

I typically do my color myself because I like to place it and watch it. But I was tired, so one of the assistants at the salon helped me and I wasn’t really monitoring the process because I was talking and joking. I still got a really nice color tone, but my hair was weak after blow-drying and flat-ironing. So, I did an amino acid treatment to strengthen and save what wasn’t going to snap or lose elasticity. 

Design Essentials: Did over-processing your hair lead to the bob cut? 

High-lift blonde color & bob cut transformation

Nina: Actually, I had a bob haircut in the beginning of the summer and it grew out. But after the over-processing I needed some deep reshaping. So, after coloring my hair I had a coworker cut it for me because I wanted to give some difference to the back and leave the sides long. Then the next day, after all the birthday and grand opening celebrating was over, I proceeded to cut my hair shorter myself with a good pair of shears. 

Design Essentials: What was going through your mind as you were cutting? 

Nina: My cheek bones were popping out and that made me smile. I started feeling myself with some duck lips. And I was reminded that I liked my hair short when I wore it that way about 7 years ago. I just felt like I was getting back to myself. Getting back to my ego. It was liberating!

Design Essentials: We love the new cut and color! Are you satisfied with the transformation?

Nina: I am satisfied with my cut. But it’s growing quickly and I’m learning that it may be time to apply a texturizer or relaxer around my hairline and temple because I sweat. It’ll give me the convenience of getting through the day without my hair curling up. As for the color, I’ll probably change up the tone.

Design Essentials: What are your hair goals for 2019?

Nina:… [Silence]…Now you got me scrolling though old pictures…My wrap was hot! I shouldn’t have touched it, I could of did a little center part and kept it moving [laughs]. But seriously, as far as hair goals I don’t necessarily have any. I’m going to go with the flow and let my hair grow out. And if something happens, I’ll change it up. Then change it up again!


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