DE Pro: Restore Moisture with the NEW Design Essentials Platinum Moisture Collection

As Spring quickly approaches and we begin to put the cold weather behind us, it’s that time of year to focus on restoring moisture for those clients that may have experienced dry, brittle hair during the winter season. With the help of Design Essentials’ most transformative line to date and these 3 professional moisturizing solutions – here’s how to instantly improve and restore your client’s dry hair using Design Essentials Platinum Moisture Collection.


Design Essentials Platinum Moisture Collection.

1. Open The Hair Cuticle To Replenish Moisture

To truly improve your client’s dry hair from the inside out, you must begin with an open hair cuticle so moisture can be received. This starts at the shampoo bowl during the cleansing process. Wet your client’s hair with warm water to open the cuticle, then lather in Design Essentials Platinum Deep Moisturizing Shampoo, specially formulated for dry or coarse hair and infused with nourishing Coconut Oil to provide superior hydration. 

Let your client watch the moisture magic happen right before their eyes by allowing them to hold a mirror while you shampoo. This way, they can see and feel the difference in how soft, detangled, and moisturized their strands feel after just one use.


Design Essentials Platinum Deep Moisturizing Shampoo.


2. Deep Condition & Smooth The Cuticle

After cleansing and while the hair shaft is still open, deep condition and smooth the hair cuticle with our new professional favorite, Design Essentials Platinum Ultra-Moisturizing Mask. Trust and believe your client’s hair will love you for this conditioning mask treatment – guaranteed to strengthen the hair while locking in moisture for an unbelievably hydrated, smoother feel. 


Design Essentials Platinum Ultra-Moisturizing Mask.


Apply the Platinum Ultra-Moisturizing Mask from root to ends. Comb through with a wide tooth comb, and again offer your client that handheld mirror so they’re conscious of what their hair should look and feel like when properly hydrated. Let the mask stand for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

For excessively dry, dehydrated hair: After shampooing, towel blot and generously apply the Platinum Ultra-Moisturizing Mask to damp hair. Comb through for even distribution, cover hair with a plastic processing cap, and allow to process up to 15 minutes under a hooded dryer or steamer for maximum penetration. Rinse with cool water, then proceed to the next moisturizing solution!

3. Seal In Moisture & Close The Cuticle

Before styling your client’s tresses, lock in moisture with Design Essentials Platinum Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner. This intense reconditioning leave-in was specifically made for dry or coarse hair to provide moisture balance and prevent breakage while offering a silky-smooth finish that’s full of body and sheen.

Depending on the length of your client’s hair, apply a dime-to-quarter size amount onto palms and emulsify. Apply to hair and comb through. DO NOT RINSE. Follow-up with select products from Design Essentials Platinum Styling Collection to smooth and seal the cuticle. Proceed to style, set, or blow-dry. 


Design Essentials Platinum Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner.


Voila…the integrity of your clients’ once dry, brittle hair should look and feel restored. But combating dryness can’t stop after the salon visit. In order for your client to see continued results, create a moisturizing hair care regime for them to follow at home in your absence. If you don’t sell the recommended DE retail products in your salon, write them down and encourage your client to purchase at, amazon.comor at Ulta Beauty.

Finally, leave your clients with the confidence of knowing they can (and will) improve the softness, manageability, shine, and overall health of their strands if they routinely follow your recommended moisturizing tips with consistency. 

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