4 Steps to Building a Scalp Care Routine

Do you have a scalp care routine?

No, we don’t mean a random scalp massage on Tuesday here, and a Saturday scalp exfoliation once every blue moon. We’re talking an intentional regimen aimed at your scalp – with the goal of treating itchiness, dryness and flakes, while maximizing healthy hair growth.

After all, you’ve got a routine for your skin, right? You should have one for your scalp, too.

Unlike the length of your hair (which is dead keratin cells), your scalp and the part of the hair found inside the follicle is alive – bursting with biochemical activity. Whether you’re protective styling, the reigning twistout queen, or rocking a relaxer, a healthy scalp is where healthy hair begins. When your scalp is healthy and in balance, strong healthy hair grows, and upkeep becomes less challenging over time.

Ready to start your scalp care journey?

Here are 4 steps to building a scalp care routine:


The foundation of a healthy scalp is a clean scalp. While shampooing is the foremost way to ensure scalp cleanliness, it can be impractical for protective styling. In between or as a shampoo alternative, use the Detoxifying Tonic to maintain a clean healthy scalp by removing dirt, oil, and product buildup that clogs follicles and causes scalp irritation and flakes. With a natural blend of eucalyptus, lemon, witch hazel and peppermint, The Detoxifying Tonic purifies the scalp – gently cleansing without drying out the scalp.


After you cleanse your hair or skin, the next step is always to restore lost moisture via conditioning. Caring for the scalp is no different. After cleansing with the Detoxifying Tonic, apply the Moisturizing Oil Treatment to hydrate and replenish dry skin and scalp. The lightweight blend of marula, lavender, sunflower and watermelon seed oils restore moisture by penetrating and nourishing the scalp without clogging follicles and causing buildup.


Whether it be with a masque, corrective cream, or spot serum, mid-week treatments help tackle our skin’s toughest issues and maintain overall health while on a regimen. When it comes to scalp care, spot treating dryness, itching, and scalp tension is essential – especially for physically active women and avid protective stylers. Tackle mid-week tension and scalp irritation with Anti-Itch & Tension Relief oil.  The combination purifying tea tree, soothing aloe, and invigorating peppermint pairs with sunflower and sweet almond oils to deeply penetrate the scalp, targeting areas of irritation and soreness. Apply the Anti-Itch & Tension Relief to affected areas as needed throughout the week.


Again, it’s important to remember that your scalp is alive. Nourishing the scalp and creating an optimal environment for healthy hair to thrive is the key to unlocking hair growth. In the same way you’d use a quality Vitamin C serum to care for your skin, massage Vitamin Drops directly into the scalp nightly to invigorate the follicles and promote growth. Vitamin Drops are fortified with Vitamins A, E, Beta Carotene and Omega-3 to nourish and replenish nutrients to the scalp while strengthening hair at the root. The nutrients present in Vitamin Drops provides the scalp with everything it needs to restore distressed follicles, reduce thinning, and promote hair growth.

Remember – caring for your scalp is just like caring for your skin. To see visible progress, commitment and consistency is required. Nothing happens overnight. But with a consistent care regimen and dedication, your scalp and hair will show great improvement over time.

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