Romantic Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day

It’s romantic hairstyles season and Valentine’s Day literally days away! This year it’s all about sexy tousled hair – that is full of body, a tad bit disheveled, yet still romantic enough to make people fall in love. So to bring your look together this holiday, we’ve gathered 4 trendy romantic hairstyles that can be achieved at home or in the salon, along with a few expert styling tips!

4 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day:

Messy Braids or Twists:

A modern milkmaid braid, messy fishtail, or any type of loose two-strand twists with a side-swept bang can work as the ultimate romantic hairstyle. To pull off a flawless braid at home, refer to Design Essentials Modern Milkmaid Braid step-by-step tutorial! If you’re headed to the salon, be sure to emphasize to your stylist that although you want a securely styled braid, the more unkempt the braid looks, the better!

Romantic Hairstyles-Modern Milkmaid Braid

Romantic Hairstyle-Modern Milkmaid Braid

Tousled Curls:

There’s no way we could speak to sexy, romantic hairstyles without mentioning a crown full of voluminous out-of-control coils. Or what we like to call – tousled bed hair! It doesn’t matter if you’re relaxed or natural, to get this look at home start with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, prep wet hair with a quarter size amount of Design Essentials Compositions Foam Wrap Lotion and Mousse, roller set with flexi-rods, then let hair completely dry and pull apart to desired silhouette.  Finish with our Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist for added shine and to retain moisture.

Expert Tip: to make curls look more natural and less defined, literally sleep on hair the night before (using a bonnet of course) and pick apart the next day using a hair pick or the end of a rat-tail comb.

Romantic Hairstyles - Tousled Curls Source: Pinterest

Romantic Hairstyles – Tousled Curls
Source: Pinterest

Romantic Updo:

Whenever you pull your tresses away from your face and allow your facial features to shine, you’re winning!  And adorning a romantic updo will do just that! While updo’s can be styled at home, we suggest leaving this particular hairstyle up to a professional stylist due to its complexity. However, it’s very important to communicate to your stylist that you want an updo that exudes sexiness, not wedding hair! Explain that every strand doesn’t have to be perfectly in place!

Romantic Hairstyles - Updo Source:

Romantic Hairstyles – Updo

Alternatively, if you do decide to style at home, keep it simple and be sure to use key products. Start with hair that has some form of body, an old twist out or hair that has been previously curled. Use a pea size amount of Design Essentials Hyrdrience Argan Moisturizing Crème to smooth hair and fly-aways. Manipulate hair to desired style.  Finish with Hydrience Argan Moisture Replenishing Mist for shine.

Sexy Cascading Waves:

Last but not least, cascading waves on any hair length is ideal for Valentine ’s Day because it’s sultry, but elegant. Not to mention, simple! To achieve waves at home, start with dry cleansed hair, add a pea size amount of Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum from roots to end, then curl section by section using your favorite curling wand. Expert Tip: once your entire head is curled, flip your head upside down, spray with Design Essentials Form Professional Holding Spray, and run your finger tips through your curls for added volume.

sexy waves

Romantic Hairstyle – Cascading Waves Source: Pinterest

Hopefully with these 4 Romantic hairstyle ideas and expert tips you’ll be able to pull off a fabulous head-to-toe look this Valentine’s Day, and if all else fails just let love be in the air and definitely in the hair!


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