How To Get The Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair


Every curly-haired beauty knows the feeling. After walking into the salon with such hope and excitement, you leave feeling mortified and wondering how long you can hibernate until you attain enough growth to cover up that miserable excuse for a haircut you just received. This kind of horror story is common among women with naturally curly hair, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Keep reading to learn how to never get a bad haircut again.

Essential Haircut Tips For Naturally Curly Hair

Best Haircut For Naturally Curly HairChoose your stylist wisely

First things first – it’s all in the stylist you choose. You can’t trust just anyone to cut your naturally curly hair. Most stylists mainly work with straight-haired women, and cutting straight hair is a totally different story than cutting curly hair. You need to find a hair stylist with years of experience cutting curly hair and better yet, someone who has curly hair themselves and can tell your curl type by looking at it.

Ask questions

Second, you want to make sure you’re aware of the stylist’s cutting methods. Chances are, you’ve had a bad haircut before because your stylist cut your hair wet. Cutting curly hair when wet is a huge no-no, because it’s hard to tell just how much your curls will shrink up after they dry. And since every curl on your head is different than the next, this could make for a very lopsided cut that is way shorter than you expected.

Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair


The same goes for stylists who blow dry your curly hair straight before cutting it. Your natural curl pattern is most likely very inconsistent throughout your head, so there’s more room for error when cutting it straight. Rather than setting yourself up to be surprised by the end result, it’s better to cut hair in its natural state so you’re more aware of the final outcome during the process. Find out which method your desired stylist uses and don’t be afraid to be vocal about what you want.

Try the Deva Cut

We love the Deva Cut technique, created by Lorraine Massey, because it’s customized to your unique curl pattern. This popular hair cutting method involves cutting your dry hair one curl at a time, so the finished product is curls with more shape that fall in a naturally beautiful way. You can find a salon that does the Deva Cut in this directory.  

3 Gorgeous Cuts For Naturally Curly Hair

Pretty Pixie

Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair


If you recently did the big chop, or are just tired of all the maintenance that comes with long hair, then this is the perfect style for you. A graduated pixie style like this one is longer on the top. The choppiness of this cut will also show off your natural texture in a bold way.

Shaggy Bob

Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair


This naturally curly hair cut has a retro feel to it and is best for the woman who loves to embrace her curls. A shaggy bob like this involves using a razor to ultimately make your hair more full at the roots, but wispy at the ends.

Long Layers

Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair


This hairstyle is softer around the face because there aren’t many layers at the top. It features long layers instead, that make your hair appear less poofy and bulky. With just the right amount of layers, this cut is ideal for women who are growing out their hair.


Now you’re ready to embrace your curls next time you go to the salon. By using these helpful tips and maybe even getting one of these gorgeous cuts, you’ll be flaunting your beautiful, naturally curly hair in no time. Have you ever had a bad haircut experience? Leave us a comment below and share your story!

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