How to Get Rid of Hair Breakage Easily

How to Get Rid of Breakage Easily

If you read our last blog article only to find out that you’re currently suffering from the problem of hair breakage, then you’re in the right place. Now that you know you have breakage, you need to figure out how to fix it and prevent even more damage to your locks. In this post we’ll share a few easy solutions that will help you achieve the healthy hair of your dreams.

Avoid excessive manipulation

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The use of heat tools and chemical processes are both huge causes of hair breakage. So you should avoid heat styling and chemical treatments at all costs if you’re trying to obtain healthy hair. In addition, daily brushing and combing your hair when wet can also lead to damage. So what can you do with your hair? We recommend doing it in loose, protective styles.



Don’t wash your hair everyday

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair everyday actually isn’t necessary. Every time you wash your hair, you are depriving it of all its natural oils and this leaves it very dry. When you have a lot of breakage and damage, dryness only increases the problem. Instead, moisturized hair is a must for those with breakage.

Change up your diet


Certain protein rich foods have been shown to increase the strength of your hair. If you’re really serious about stepping up your hair game, you can add these foods to your diet- salmon, nuts, and red kidney beans. Try not to eat a lot of foods that are high in sugar or sodium. And of course, drinking more water is always a good idea to keep your hair healthy!

Use the right products

All natural products with ingredients like avocado are the best for restoring hair with breakage. This is because avocados contain oils and fatty acids that are extremely moisturizing. We recommend trying the Almond & Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner duo. These products will help you build the moisture foundation that is essential in preventing breakage.


Get trims regularly


As much as you probably want your hair to grow out to be long and luscious, regular trims are a definite necessity. Don’t be afraid of getting a quick trim though, because having more length isn’t going to be attractive if it’s unhealthy length. If you’re going to grow your hair out you might as well do it right, by trimming off your dead ends every 6-8 weeks.


The truth is, everyone has experienced some form of hair breakage. Whether it’s split ends, excessive shedding, or brittle strands that break off easily, breakage can be extremely frustrating. But with these easy to use solutions, you’ll be on your way to having healthy hair in no time!  

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